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Kaspersky Lab raises issue of multi cloud security threats

Customers that have rushed into a multi cloud strategy are not always on top of their data management or aware of what would happen if a security problem arose

There have always been security concerns around cloud and customers poring over the latest research from Kaspersky Lab will find their fears have been far from baseless.

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The security vendor has signaled the alarm over poor cloud practices that have resulted from those rushing to get data into a hosted environment.

The research found that 78% of those quizzed were using at least one Software as a Service platform and the same number were looking to move more to the cloud in the future. Half of those SMEs covered in the survey indicated they would be using a third party cloud provider to help them.

But the rush to become a cloud organisation has left a third of customers unable to pinpoint where their company data is on the various platforms they have signed up for and the vast number have no plans in place to deal with security incidents.

The rush to try and take advantage of the scale and efficiencies that cloud can apparently offer meant that many users were exposing themselves to risk. A quarter of customers did not even check the credentials of their cloud provider with many expecting the supplier would deal with any problems as part of the service package.

“Today’s rapid pace of digital transformation is bringing more efficiency and flexibility to business operations, but it is also presenting new security challenges that put business agendas in danger," said said Alessio Aceti, head of enterprise business, Kaspersky Lab.

His advice was more more visibility of where data resided in a cloud world as well as a greater awareness of the responsibilities of both customer and cloud provider to secure that information.

Kaspersky is not the first to raise the issue of the dangers of customers trying to manage a multicloud environment and earlier this week Juniper Networks CEO Rami Rahim stated that the biggest challenge facing the industry to date is the complexity associated with modern networks, describing them as “fragile and difficult to manage.”

“The key is the promise of multi cloud but without the complexity that is inherent in all solutions today. Complexity costs billions of dollars and tens of thousands of dollars of lost productivity. It exposes us to security risks, it traps talent stuck keeping the lights on instead of innovating…it downright cripples some companies. It is the new hard problem to solve in IT,” he said.

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