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Epson pumping the prospects for the inkjet market

The vendor has shared research which points to increasing customer interest in inkjet technology

The printer world is one that often features opposing technologies with customers being encouraged to adopt the latest innovations and leave fading alternatives.

The oldest contest is between inkjet and laser and the fight has swung both ways with customers being temptred at various times to go for what has been offering the best quality at the most decent cost per page.

After a few years where laser, particularly colour models, managed to break into more offices with their promises of high quality at an attractive price the inkjet world has fought back.

The contest matters for the channel because vendors that now see an opportunity in inkjet are going to be banging the drum and pushing their resellers to sell the technology.

Epson is going to be head of that queue with the vendor sharing the details of its own research, which stated that 76% of European business decision makers choose inkjet over laser.

The vendor is expecting the market to grow strongly and expects ore customers will change their hardware choice once a partner goes through the details with them that highlights the environental and cost benefits.

“Inkjet is gaining ground in the printing market. According to market analyst firm IDC, inkjet is expected to grow 10.2% (CAGR) in Western Europe until 2020. But there is still a knowledge gap, which is why we decided to take the choice to the market – to demonstrate the realities of inkjet versus laser and show the impact of each individual’s choice when selecting a printing technology," said Claire Robinson, head of business sales UK & Ireland at Epson Europe.

Recent figures from Context showed that printer hardware had come under some pressure in the third quarter across Western Europe.

Units sold through distribution showed the UK market for printer hardware was flat in Q3 year-on-year and most segments had declined.

“Sales fell in all categories except for laser MFPs: distributor sales of these devices increased by 2% year-on-year in Q3 2017, driven by the colour laser MFPs subcategory”, said Zivile Brazdziunaite, Imaging Analyst at Context.

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