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Softcat and SCC given hyper converged nod by NetApp

Storage vendor brings on board partners as it looks to ramp up its hyper converged strategy

If NetApp had to pick just a couple of areas it wanted to encourage the channel to focus on the response would probably include flash and hyper converged.

On the former the vendor has taken a commanding position in European market share and been able to establish itself as a major flash player.

It will be looking to do the same in the hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) space and just days after wrapping up its Insight event in Berlin has indicated what its approach will be in the UK.

To support that ambition the vendor has announced that Softcat and SCC will start handling its HCI offering in the UK.

Digital transformation and the desire for greater simplicity are helping drive demand for HCI and an increasing number of customers are finding it might be the answer to the pressure of heavy app usage.

“We are in the middle of a massive shift, away from traditional hardware based infrastructures," said Tim Pitcher, vice president NGDC at NetApp.

"With the launch of NetApp HCI, we are bridging the gap between CIOs and architects looking to realise their cloud ambitions...It is our partners who are driving the solution home as customers seek the best and most cost effective cloud services,” he added.

Will Carver, UK alliances and partnerships director at SCC, said that the market was moving towards greater automation using multi-cloud solutions.

"HCI is a compelling solution and now we can really start answering customer questions on how best to keep business operations running and how best to support them through digital transformation," he said.

Tim Jeans, datacentre sales manager at Softcat, said simplicity was one of the big attractions for customers.

"We will continue to drive conversations with our customers in terms of how they can optimise their architecture with a focus on enabling the power of digital transformation," he said.

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