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Atera and Webroot tie-up underlines the MSP need for security

The move by Atera to add Webroot security into its MSP platform comes in the wake of a recognition that it had to provide more support for customers

Providing managed service providers with the monitoring and management tools is essential but perhaps no longer enough on its own to deliver decent support for users.

The recent tie-up between Atera and Webroot is an indication that security is no longer an area that can be left out of the standard package.

The majority of those firms that sell RMM and PSA managed service tools to the channel have expected the MSPs themselves to add in additional elements, including security.

But Atera found that its partners wanted it to take that step for them and as a result has went out to look at its options and finally settled on forming a relationship with Webroot.

“The level of threat that is put on SMBs and through them the responsibility of the MSP to deal with that, has been such that it was clear to us that we needed to provide our users with a solution,” said Gil Pekelman, CEO at Atera.

Previously Atera had taken the view that any additional functionality that resellers wanted to add to its platform was largely in their own hands.

“We went out and said it is not our business so find out your own soluition and you can add it to our platform for management, but it is not integrated, but we very quickly got the feedback and understood what was happening in terms of ransomware and various types of attacks that we really needed to offer an integrated solution,” he added.

“It is developing now into a full suite of protection. It started with anti virus but now we are launching a DNS web filtering solution and the vision we have is that it is an all-inclusive security platform,” he said.

Charlie Tomeo, VP of worldwide business sales at Webroot, said that it made a partnership move with Atera to make sure that it was in a position to offer a greater depth of protection to MSPs.

“The internet and browsing is still the number one threat for small businesses but we are also providing security awareness to help with the human threat,” he said.

“Our technology partners are the wave of the future and it is a vehicle to get our product in their hands but also to manage it through their platform,” he added.

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