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Lack of skills holding back greater shift to cloud sales

Resellers are struggling with developing cloud skills among their staff as they look to engage with more hosted sales

Resellers that embrace selling cloud services recognise that it helps them stand out against the competition but a significant number are struggling to get hold of skilled staff.

Research from intY at its recent CloudFest event found that 51% of those resellers it quizzed felt that they had been given a competitive edge by selling cloud services.

But a third also reported that there was a lack of skilled staff to help support sales of cloud solutions and a similar number admitted they did not have enough bodies on board to support their sales plans.

“The lack of skills in both sales and support of cloud services presents a double threat. Resellers who can’t offer a convincing and seamless cloud solution to their customer’s risk being forced out of the marketplace completely, and missing out on the potentially huge revenue streams to come from cloud computing," said Craig Joseph, COO an intY.

“We believe that it is our duty as a value add distributor to help our resellers upskill their staff and give them the tools they need to succeed in the market," he added.

The intY research comes against a background of increasing concern that existing training techniqies are failing to help prepare people for the latest technology demands.

At its Partner Summit last week Cisco took steps to make sure that its reseller base was developing the right skills by simplifying the specialisation programme and incentivising more development of digital skills.

To keep pace with the changing technology landscape, Cisco needs to be in lockstep with our partners if they are to operate effectively,” said Marc Surplus, vice president of strategy, planning and programs, Cisco Global Partner Organization.

“The evolution of our partner programs is a reflection of our continued commitment to improving the overall partner experience, strengthening our joint go-to-market initiatives, and ultimately ensuring our partners succeed in owning the digital transformation space," he added.

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