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Red Hat channel head talking to partner base about the wider opportunity

The recently appointed UK channel head at Red Hat is keen to talk to existing partners about the benefits of selling the firm's wider portfolio

Red Hat's recently appointed UK channel head is going to be spending the next couple of months talking to partners about selling more of the vendor's portfolio.

Known as being a major Linux player the task for Kevin Bland, who joined Red Hat just over a month ago, is to encourage existing partners to look at the products the firm has developed over recent years.

The firm's channel is broadly split between those who focus on infrastructure and the others who make hay in the DevOps arena. The vendor will be promoting the benefits of doing a bit of both.

"We are known very much for being the Linux people but we have expanded the portfolio and we need to educate the white space," he said.

"There are infrastructure or DevOps and we need to find people who understand both of those things," he added "There is a phenomenal opportunity for those that can sell both."

"Our priorities over the coming months is to go back to our partner base and talk about being more than a Linux OS player and that there is more of an opportunity," he added "We are going back to good strong relationships and broaden the technology to help solve more customer problems."

Red Hat has been matching partners and encouraging full coverage through collaboration but Bland felt that there was a chance for more partners to sell across the portfolio.

The vendor is not alone in facing that challenge and most suppliers are actively trying to get their existing reseller base to sell more products and services.

Bland said that it was hard not to name a vendor that was not wrestling with getting its resellers to sell more products and while he would be talking extensively to its existing channel there was also chances for some fresh blood to sign up.

"We need to optimise and there are gaps and we have areas we want to get into and talk to people who are selling adjacent technologies," he said.

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