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Server skills shortage one for the channel to plug

Those in the channel with the skills to handle servers will find customers keen to talk to them

As the channel moves more towards a services based world one of the major opportunities is to help customers that are struggling with skill gaps.

There have been highlighted shortages in security skills and plenty of SMEs need general data management help but there are also chances for resellers that understand servers.

Findings from 451 Research have not only noted that concerns over public cloud are leading some firms to develop their own on-premise options but that it comes at a time when many enterprises are looking to hire server specialists.

The analyst house found that 65% of those organisations it quizzed were finding it difficult recruiting people that could handle traditional servers and converged infrastructure.

“Most IT managers are closely scrutinising their deployment options instead of blindly following the pack to IaaS and other off-premises cloud services,” said Christian Perry, Research Manager and lead analyst of 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Servers and Converged Infrastructure Service.

“When determining the optimal mix of on- and off-premises compute resources, there is no doubt this is hampered by the availability of specialist skills and regional availability. Whether organisations will realise their expected server staff expansion remains to be seen due to hiring difficulties," he added.

An increasing number of customers have moved to having IT departments made up of generalists, which is also making life harder.

“The time and resource savings from these new technologies results in a slightly reduced need for server specialists,” Perry said. “The good news is that there remains a need for specialists across both standalone servers and converged and hyperconverged infrastructures. This is especially true within LOBs or remote divisions or departments.”

That should spell an opportunity for those in the channel with the right skills. Already some storage specialists have started to provide 'unclouding' services that are helping customers bring data back into an on-premise environment.


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