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Webroot ups MSP traning following Securecast buy

The move by the vendor to acquire a security awareness training platform will give it a chance to increase the support it can provide MSPs

Webroot has indicated that it is going to be stepping up the training it can provide managed service providers following its acquisition of Securecast.

The security awareness training platform will give Webroot the chance to take its support for partners up a notch and the vendor has revealed it has now got its own offering into a beta programme.

The beta is providing phishing simulations and a course designed to highlight how human error can cause weaknesses to spread into an organisation.

"Building on Securecast, Webroot will offer our MSP partners the security awareness training they need to address this evolving threat landscape, and build a profitable new line of business," said Chad Bacher, svp of product strategy and technology alliances at Webroot.

“The human factor is a consistent weakness in overall cyber defenses, and security awareness training is the only solution. As cyberattacks like phishing become increasingly sophisticated, users are exposed to a variety of hidden threats that will compromise their own data along with their employer’s data," he added.

Securecast has already been providing services to MSPs and Daniel Fox, co-founder and CEO of the firm, said that the Webroot move gave it a chance to reach an even wider audience.

"With an easy-to-use platform, Securecast quickly became a solution preferred by MSP service providers. Teaming up with Webroot, the leader in cybersecurity solutions for MSPs, is the best move for our solution and the MSP community," he said.

The demand for training in the channel has been steadily on the rise and in that light the Webroot move is being seen as one that will help the vendor service its partners better in the future.

“Those who closely follow today’s cyber threats know that an organisation’s users are often its weakest link. By acquiring Securecast, Webroot is making the right decision to integrate IT education and awareness training into its products and services. Looking ahead, this type of training will be a crucial part of any organisation that wants to avoid cyberattacks," said Doug Cahill, senior analyst at ESG.

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