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Resellers need to deepen links with local accountants

Companies are relying on accountants for help making financial decisions and resellers keen to prise open spending with finance offerings should improve relationships with local financial experts

Those resellers hoping to unlock some customer spending through finance might be wise to spend some time cultivating relationships with local accountants.

The role of the accountant is an important one for those customers making funding decisions and much more likely to be consulted than brokers or banks.

Research from MarketInvoice has indicated that not only do many firms take advice from accountants but many will be making many more calls on their financial advisers as a third are expecting a cash squeeze over the next six months.

Quizzing business leaders revealed that invoice financing was the most common form of getting credit with bank overdrafts also a popular way of getting additional funds.

“Accountants and commercial finance brokers are increasingly becoming the default go-to for companies seeking advice on business finance, especially where funding is required quickly," said Darvish Heshejin, head of partnerships at MarketInvoice.

To make sure that the accountants understood all of the potential credit opportunities, with the channel providing information about plenty of them, he added that more efforts had to be made to ensure the message was getting across to the finance sector.

“It's imperative that these professionals are aware of the wider funding opportunities available to provide the best, most comprehensive advice to their clients and find the solution that fits," said Heshejin.

Making sure that accountants are up to speed with all of the potential financing options has become harder with the landscape changing after the banking problems of the last recession.

“The credit crunch shattered consumers’ unflinching trust in traditional banks forever. Undoubtedly, now there is a feeling of distrust towards banks as they feel these financial organisations are putting their interest first instead of the consumer’s," Sophie Guibaud, VP of European expansion at Fidor Bank.
“As consumers have become increasingly sceptical of traditional banks, one positive to emerge from the financial crisis has been the rise in prominence of challenger banks and innovative financial service providers," she added.

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