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UKFast takes steps to ease graduate debt

The channel player has set up a fund that is designed to help students that join its graduate scheme cut down on some of their debts

Student loans might currently be on the agenda thanks to the politicians but those waiting for their debts to be paid off haven't got the time to wait for changes in Westminster.

Rather than waiting for Jeremy Corbyn to come in with plans to shelve student loans and potentially help people wipe off debts channel player UKFast has launched its own scheme to pay off student loans.

The firm has a strong pedigree in providing apprenticeships and has a graduate scheme. It has now taken steps to set up a £1 million fund to help those that join its graduate programme to wipe off their student loans.

“It's an initiative designed to help soften the burden graduates are lumbered with when entering the outside world. We have doubled this year’s commitment to recruit 50 graduates, increasing it to 100, to keep up with UKFast's growth," said UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones.

“The current trajectory we are on requires us to expand the workforce significantly and we are hugely impressed with the quality of candidates applying since launching the scheme last week. After hearing every single student cite their debt as their biggest concern, we decided to do something about it," he added.

New recruits will get the chance to have £2,000 paid off their loan in the first couple of years of employment. The fund is likely to be well used with plans to bring on board 500 graduates over the next five years.

“These graduates are the first to be hit with tripled fees. In a world where I believe we should not have to pay for education, it’s up to anyone who can make a difference to do just that. We are in a fortunate position and as business leaders it makes perfect sense to invest in the next generation, both financially and with continuous training. These graduates will go on to make UKFast successful for generations to come," said Jones.

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