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Security still not getting through to the boardroom

The attitude towards cyber security still differs between the IT department and the rest of the boardroom and that is an issue the channel will need to be aware of and ideally help tackle

The idea that security is now on the board room agenda and being taken seriously by customers has given those trying to protect data with a sense of comfort.

The reality might be slightly different with the IT department still suffering the sleepless nights over protecting data while the rest of the board treat the problem with a much greater degree of indifference.

A warning that not all is quite as it should be in the board rooms of corporate Britain comes from managed services provider EACS, which is calling for more to be done to get C level executives taking the issue more seriously.

The MSP has noted a report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) that revealed there was a disconnect between the IT department and the rest of the corporate leadership team with cyber security only the ninth priority for the C Suite.

"This executive cyber-chasm creates imperatives for both segments. The C-suite needs to better understand the vulnerability of their business, and in particular how threats may escalate. The security/IT team needs to bring itself into alignment with the C-suite’s more strategic view of cyber-security within the firm’s operations," stated the EIU report.

One of the consequences that could ripple out to resellers was the likelihood that the lack of C Suite support would have on budgets.

"The security function must manage its expectations on the funding that will be provided to support cyber-defences, or adopt more flexible and lower-cost solutions," stated the EIU.

EACS has also noted that the IT department is still shouldering far too much of the security burden and senior management had to understand more about the issues.

“Cyber-attacks are rapidly growing in both number and severity and while that is broadly recognised at all levels of the organisations we speak to, there’s still a bit of a disconnect in the C-suite and a lack of responsibility, a gap which seems to be more distinct in medium-sized businesses," said Kevin Timms, CEO of EACS.

"It is of course to be expected that the C-suite is focused on the business growth and to an extent it is understandable that there’s less focus on cyber-security because this is a primary area of focus for IT teams, but the fact is that the success of a business is increasingly contingent on its ability to protect itself from cyber threats and maintain the integrity of its data. The two need to go hand-in-hand and without sufficient support at the highest levels of a business, strong cyber-security measures will struggle to take hold," he added.

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