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Luminet on course to hit partnership target

The wireless ISP player has signed up in excess of 100 channel partnerships but is aiming for much more before the year is out

Luminet has signed up 140 channel partnerships since it kicked off its partner programme four months ago but has ambitions to more than double that by the end of the year.

The firm is aiming to get 400 partnerships sealed before Big Ben chimes at midnight on 31 December to close the year out.

Luminet has been undergoing its own transformation from a business broadband ISP  to become a managed service provider that works with a network of partners that use its wireless network.

The firm then followed that up by launching a revised partner programme at the end of last year that gave resellers the chance to use an automated portal to get quicker access to services and quotes.

The programme was built around the Fibre Air product – a wireless business Internet service that can be installed in as little as 10 working days. It meant that partners reselling traditional fibre leased lines could dramatically cut down the installation times for up to 1GB symmetrical broadband Internet connectivity, which means they could start billing earlier.

The firm also hired a channel development manager back in March to make sure its programme got the push it needed. At the time of the appointment of Richard Jones the firm had 50 partners and has doubled that in the following  months.

“Our target when we unveiled the launch of our partner programme was to sign 400 partners by end of 2017. Having already agreed 140 partnerships, with many more in progress, we are well on the way to hitting our target," said Sasha Williamson, CEO of Luminet.

"We have spent a long time developing our proposition to enable our partners to drive unparalleled revenues and increase margins. With our differentiated connectivity and compute products and our partners customer expertise, we have a surefire recipe for success that will enable us to have our best year to date," she added.

Last week, Luminet sealed a spot on the Connect Westminster Scheme, which gives SMEs in the borough a chance to get up to £2,000 to help them get connected up to broadband.

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