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Microsoft sales reorg designed to add cloud services depth

Microsoft's global sales reorganisation is being pitched to staff as a move that will give it greater ability to deliver cloud services

Microsoft is planning to reorganise its global sales force as it recalibrates the business to move more towards cloud services away from the traditional software subscription models.

The global sales team will be streamlined into two broad areas - enterprise and SME - to make sure it can support those two customer bases. Staff will then line up behind six industries - manufacturing, financial services, retail, health, education and government.

On the product front the categories for software will be: modern workplace, business applications, apps and infrastructure and data and AI. With staff being given support to get a greater technical understanding of the technology and services required in those areas.

Reports coming out of the US have quoted an email that was sent to Microsoft staff from worldwide commercial business chief Judson Althoff, global sales and marketing group leader Jean-Philippe Courtois and Chris Capossela, the company's chief marketing officer.

The email told staff that there was a $4.5 trillion opportunity across the commercial and consumer business, "We are uniquely positioned to drive our customers’ and partners’ success by leading them through their digital transformations, and becoming their partner of choice," it added.

Some of the steps it intends to take include increasing the focus on customer success with partners, "align our selling and partnering efforts by industry for greater digital impact".

The move is expected to lead to job losses but so far the firm has been tight lipped on exactly what that could mean for staff numbers.

The reaction from some in the industry was that the move was not unexpected because of the market momentum towards cloud and the move away from the traditional methods of paying for software and services.

"This news surrounding Microsoft's major reorganization of its sales team, to expand its cloud based offering should come as no surprise. For business, the benefits of cloud solution are bountiful," said James Slaney, co-founder of Dubber.

"The benefits to business, of taking up cloud platforms, continue as Cloud Platfrom services can seamlessly integrate into any application. Cloud platforms facilitate speed and ease of use, they provide unlimited scalability opportunities, greater value for money, high security and high accessibility. Cloud Platforms also open APIs – giving users the flexibility to adapt solutions to fit their requirements," he added.

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