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Brother looking to push public sector managed print through channel

Having landed the right to offer managed print on G-Cloud 9 Brother is looking to partners to take its offering out to the public sector

Having been added to the list of approved suppliers on the G-Cloud 9 Framework Brother has started to roll out managed print services to the public sector.

The vendor has designed the managed print service with the public sector and the channel in mind, making it possible for resellers to offer the contracts with just a few clicks and a phone call.

Brother had its managed print and OmniJoin web-conferencing system accredited through the latest version of G-Cloud.

One of the main ambitions of the G-Cloud framework is that it provides smaller suppliers with a chance to pitch for public sector business. So far So far £1.6bn has been spent on the government's digital marketplace and 56% of total sales and 64% of volume was awarded to SMEs.

Brother is hoping that  by making its offering simple for resellers to offer the chances are that more of the mid sized public sector customers will be targets.

“A huge breadth of organisations in the public sector want to get access to the efficiencies and peace of mind that managed print services bring. We’ve seen some larger public sector organisations save six-figures off their printing bill through MPS and so we’re hoping our new cloud-based MPS will open up similar opportunities for smaller organisations," said Phil White, managed print sales manager at Brother UK.

“By offering simpler contracts and allowing channel partners to create these quickly over the phone, in the same way they would sell hardware, organisations such as schools, universities, hospitals and GP clinics will be able to access the benefits of MPS," he added.

The latest iteration of G-Cloud started on 22 May and plenty of channel players have managed to get approved in all or some of the three lots that cover cloud hosting, software and support. The process has been positive for many smaller suppliers with 50% of the top 50 suppliers being SMEs.

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