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DMI open to growing ecosystem

Mobility and data specialist DMI is open to working with more partners as it looks to extend its presence across more vertical markets

Data and mobility player DMI is open to working with more partners to make sure it can deliver solutions into a larger customer base and more vertical markets.

The firm develops apps and charts the way users are interacting with businesses and has a UK customer base that includes household names in the transport, finance and retail sectors.

But with a lot of digital transformation projects floundering the pressure is on to work closely with customers to make sure they get a result that works.

Magnus Jern, chief innovation officer at DMI, said that there were real challenges dealing with the speed of change and mistakes could be made by customers.

He said that a lot of digital transformation was actually migration with customers just moving existing applications to new platforms, which often failed to deliver the expected results.

"Some customers are still working with the old methodologies and it takes too long [to react to constantly evolving technology]," he added "There are also structural issues with companies still too siloed with different parts of the business working to their own KPIs."

More customers though are starting to realise that they need to have more mobility as part of a wider attempt to transform the business and that means the opportunities are expanding for the channel.

Although DMI works closely with the likes of Google, Information Builders and SAP there was room for more smaller players to become part of its ecosystem.

"We are very interested in finding and working together on making this more successful. We have been working hand in hand with [large vendors] and we will be open to work with smaller technological solution providers," he said.

As well as highlighting some of the main problems with digital transformation projects Jern also made the observation that there was a temptation for firms to consider how a solution would improve the business rather than thinking firstly of how it could make life easier for customers.

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