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Hellawell decides the time is right for a change at the top of Softcat

Martin Hellawell has revealed plans to step down from his position as CEO of Softcat sparking a search for a replacement

The channel is famous for its personalities and being a people business and one of the most well known figures Softcat CEO Martin Hellawell has decided its time for a fresh face at the top of Softcat.

After 11 years running the reseller he has announced plans to step down from the CEO role when a successor is in place and take up the position as non-executive chairman.

Under his leadership the firm has gone public, opened new offices in both England and Scotland to extend its reach and established itself as one of the leading partners of choice picking up hatfuls of awards.

"It has been a great pleasure for me to have led Softcat for the past 11 years. It has been an intense period and it is my sincere belief that it is now the right time to step down and for the Board to appoint a new leader to the business, one with fresh energy and approaches to capitalise on the fantastic opportunities ahead of us," said Hellawell.

"The business is in robust shape and we have great people, a unique business and a highly motivated corporate culture that celebrates success and drives our growth. We reported a strong first half earlier this year and have confirmed this morning that the business continued to trade well in the third quarter," he added.

The search for a chief executive is being led by current non-executive chairman  Brian Wallace, who is retiring from the board after Hellawell's move, and senior independent director Lee Ginsberg.

"Following Martin's decision to step down as Chief Executive Officer, and having chaired the company through its highly successful IPO and first two years as a PLC, I strongly believe that the appointment in due course of Martin Hellawell as Non-Executive Chairman is in the best interests of the Company, its employees, shareholders and other stakeholders," said Wallace.

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