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Plantronics settles latest trade mark infringement case

Plantronics has a long track record of going after those infringing its trade marks and has been active again

Plantronics has a track record of going after resellers that fall foul of EU trade mark laws and has struck again settling out of court with a Stockport firm.

The headset maker has settled with Headset Solutions Limited, which previously traded as CommsCare, in Stockport. This is the second time it has been forced to take action against the firm.

Both of those trade mark infringement claims have now been settled and Headset has agreed to legally binding undertakings and to pay an undisclosed sum to the vendor.

“We want to make it clear to those who deal in unauthorised Plantronics goods that we will continue our robust stance on illegal product and that we remain committed to our Channel community,” said Paul Dunne, UK & Ireland country manager at Plantronics.

Back in February, Plantronics settled with Manchester firm PMC Electrics, trading as PMC Telecom and last year the headset player settled with James Products Ltd in January and then Manchester-based firms Corporate Direct (Europe) Ltd and Executive Telecommunications, trading as Incom Telecommunications, in June.

That case did not go too smoothly with Executive Telecommunications, with the firm claiming that Plantronics had been heavy handed and unfair.

The firm has revealed it is determined to crack down goods that infringe trade mark rights and make sure that its established channel is not having to compete against cheaper imports.

On the topic of trademarks the firm states that they are "among our company’s most important and valuable assets" and it had to make sure customers were confident they were receiving quality products..

"Plantronics trademarks serve not only as a calling card in the marketplace by identifying Plantronics and its products, but also as a guarantee of the high quality customers associate with Plantronics," the firm added "To preserve its reputation and protect its brand, Plantronics must guard against any misuse of its trademarks."

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