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Microsoft calls for greater developer support

The software giant has used its Build event to highlight the opportunities it believes are out there for developers that choose to work with its applications

Microsoft has been using its Build event to court developers and trumpet the backing it has had so far from the ISV community.  

The software giant shared the latest adoption figures for its Windows 10 OS, now used by 500m people, and also that 100m commercial users were now using Office 365 every month.

In his keynote the firm's CEO Satya Nadella appealed to the developer community to get more involved with the vendor.

“In a world of near infinite compute power and an exponential growth in data, we are focused on empowering every developer to build applications for this new era of intelligent cloud and intelligent edge,” said Nadella.

The firm has developed more services for developers on its Azure platform and extensions to Microsoft Graph, which can provide insights that should help firms manage devices better.

Rob Howard, director, Office 365 ecosystem marketing at Microsoft, said that one of the main messages that it wanted to get across at the conference was that, "Office and Office 365 are a huge opportunity for developers".

He said that there were plenty of opportunities for developers to work with its products and add value and even those resellers that were not developing their own programmes there were still chances to get something out of the software, according to Howard.

"In a lot of cases they are either taking an offer that an ISV has built around Office 365 and taking a packaged offer to those customers, so they are really tailoring Office with the ISV to their customer needs. Or in a lot of cases they are building their own custom solutions," he said.

"There is a pretty big opportunity from a broad spectrum of a technology providers," he added.

One of the big themes that Microsoft has shared with partners is the belief that getting involved with its products will be a chance to sell further services.

Howard said that from an Office perspective things like voice, video and security were some of the areas where the channel had been able to add further services.

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