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Ingram Micro: resellers have got the cloud

The feeling from those that attended Ingram Micro's UK Cloud Summit was that the channel has understood the opportunities that cloud can deliver

It might have taken a few years but most in the channel now accept that cloud is an unstoppable force changing business and their approach to the market.

There have always been elements of any vendors partner ecosystem that have resisted change and tried to keep old models going in the face of change but that appears to be ebbing away.

Those who attended Ingram Micro's UK Cloud Summit in London not only came to hear from the distributor and vendors about the trends in the market, but largely turned up with an acceptance that cloud was here and had already changed their business.

"I have done this many times and been on stage but this is one of the first times of late that I can see the message is resonating and people are nodding their heads," said Ingram Micro director of cloud & software UK&I Apay Obang-Oyway.

He referred to the example of video chain store Blockbuster, which failed to spot the streaming revolution until it was too late, as an example of the risks of not adapting to change.

"A lot of CEOs are petrified of being Blockbusted," he added "A lot of partners can see the changes."

He added that the distributor believed that the industry was at the start of the fourth industrial revolution and technologies including IoT, big data, social and cloud were driving those changes.

"While it is all very good and exciting it is bringing a lot of disruption, which you can look at negatively or positively. Within that there is a load of opportunity for channel partners but you have to understand this is a different reality and it is no longer business as usual, its business unusual. The opportunity is huge and represents significant numbers," he added.

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