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Citrix moves to make services easier for partners

To try and make services easier for its partners to sell and get rewarded for Citrix has taken the wraps off a two tier channel programme

Citrix has cut the ribbon on a two-tiered services delivery programme that is meant to make life more straightforward for its channel partners.

Against a background of a growing demand for cloud services and SaaS the vendor has moved to roll out a programme that makes it simpler for partners to get rewarded for the value they provide customers.

The vendor has developed Service Delivery Kits with tools and training and offers services delivery kits that automate a lot of the process for partners.

There is also a services delivery certification that gives resellers the opportunity to show off to their ability to support customers and a mechanism for helping the vendor hand out rewards to partners.

The certification will also be used as a way of helping users locate partners and those resellers that gain the badge will be able to join the Citrix Virtual Bench, which gives access to the vendor's consultants for greater levels of customer support.

Certified partners will be given preferential promotions and reieve discounts on service dekivery kits and credits for kits delivered with a promoter score.

"We’ve designed both Services Delivery Kits and Services Delivery Certification to deliver a huge amount of value to our partners and to our customers," stated Craig Sitwell, worldwide vp of partner sales and strategy at Citrix, in a blog post.

He said that the scheme had been in the works for a while and it was now in a position to share its efforts on the services front with partners.

"In today’s cloud-based world, Citrix products are constantly evolving—and so will our Services Delivery Kits. You won’t have to work to modify templates and content as updates are released; our kits will automatically be modernized to reflect the latest versions, and include new product lines," he added "The bottom line? Delivering great, repeatable services just got simple. And when our partners do a great job, we’re committed to shouting about it."

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