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Sage looking for additional partners

Sage is looking for some fresh talent to make sure it can get as many partners as possible supporting its cloud ambitions

Sage is looking to increase its reseller numbers and is hoping that the arrival of the long promised partner programme will add to the interest.

The firm is launching its partner programme, with a simplified structure and clearer segmentation, in October but even before that kicks in it is looking for some fresh talent.

The firm is keen to make sure that all of its existing partners are cloud ready and is prepared to bring on some fresh blood to help it extend its reach.

"We can't do this alone and we have got an amazingly loyal ecosystem and we need to grow to support the cloud adoption rates [we are looking for]," said Michael De Jongh, vice president of the Global ISV programme at Sage.

"We are very lucky in the UK that we have a huge loyal base of existing partners and we must get the opportunities that ate coming with cloud," he added.

He said that it would be "reaching back to take all of our partners on the journey" but there would also be efforts to bring on more partners able to sell its range of products.

Yesterday the vendor released research that indicated that its core market base of accountants was looking to invest in technology to use automation to reduce some of the time clogging admin tasks.

De Jongh said that there was a real opportunity out in the market at the moment and customers were driving the chance and the experience of partners showed that there was real demand.

"This is coming from out customers and they are telling us they want services on the cloud, they want realtime information and these are tools we are bringing to the market today," he said.

The long awaited partner programme has taken a while to devise as the firm looks to consolidate partner activity around a single platform instead of the 30 it has used in the past.

It has also opted for five different types of partners: alliance, ISV, VAR, accountants and system integrators.

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