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Cloud adoption reaches fresh highs but skills and security issues remain

The latest stats from the Cloud Industry Forum has revealed that the UK cloud adoption has hit its highest level so far

Cloud adoption in the UK has reached the point where it is not far off being universal and there will be more customer spending in that area this year.

The latest state of the market analysis from the Cloud Industry Forum has found that UK cloud adoption rates now stand at 88%, with 67% of users expecting to increase their use of hosted services even more over the course of 2017.

Year-on-year the cloud adoption rate has gone up by 5% with small firms and the public sector driving a lot of that growth.

The other main message for the channel aside from the continuing cloud growth is that the majority of customers are taking a hybrid approach to IT.

In the end just above half of those quizzed by CIF were looking to push their entire IT estate into the cloud and 8% of the smallest organisations have already done so.

It is not all green lights with doubts about security and budget constraints some of the factors that can hold up cloud adoption.

“We are entering an unprecedented time of change as digital technologies disrupt entire industries and customer expectations. Cloud is critical in enabling companies to cope with this change and this research highlights how organisations are increasingly and consistently warming to the cloud delivery model, especially as they begin the realise the benefits to be had from migrating their apps and infrastructure to the cloud," said Alex Hilton, CEO of CIF.
“Although a growing number of companies can foresee a time when they will move all of their IT to the cloud - with UK businesses steadily adopting a ‘cloud first approach’ - this change won’t happen overnight. While smaller businesses are able to make the logical step to remove their depreciated hardware assets and move entirely to the cloud, this is less feasible for larger organisations with heavy infrastructure investments. Therefore, ‘cloud everything’ will not be attainable for all for some time and we predict that the vast majority of companies will continue to maintain hybrid IT environments," he added.
Hilton said that one of the other problems that customers were dealing with was a shortage of digital skills expertise.
For those resellers that have the certified staff there continues to be an opportunity to step in and work with customers that have an appetite for cloud but do not have the ability in-house to make it happen.

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