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Channel optimistic over prospects for the next few years

Another day and another survey that reveals channel leaders are optimistic about the short-term

There is a fair amount of optimism in the channel about what the future is going to hold, despite the challenges of Brexit and the global waves that Donald Trump is making in his position as US president.

At the start of the week a survey from Citrix and Canalys indicated that most of those partners across Northern Europe that it quizzed were expecting growth this year.

Following on from that some more research from OnePoll on behalf of Agilitas has also unearthed evidence that almost half of those leading the channel are expecting growth between now and 2020.

Even with an acceptance of the economic uncertianties 47% are still expecting channel growth with only a quarter of those asked being pessimistic about the next three years.

Agilitas was also keen to find out what was happening to contracts and found that the majority will be opex based by 2020.

“The results of our research suggest that the channel will see significant movement to OPEX based support services in the next few years” states Agilitas CEO, Shaun Lynn. “A rise in support services and contracts moving to an OPEX model provides significant new revenue streams for resellers, managed service providers and independent IT providers alike.”

“It is also pleasing to see such confidence in times of turbulence. It reflects a growing trend we’re experiencing as a business within the industry: a bold, innovative and dependable attitude from leaders," he added.

The Citrix/Canalys survey found that 88% of partners were expecting revenues to increase compared to last year and a similar number were also looking forward to profit growth.

A lot of that revenue is going to be generated by cloud services, which is also the theme in the Agilitas survey with opex levels climbing.

“The IT industry is facing one of the largest periods of change since its inception, with new and innovative technologies disrupting the bigger players and driving increased customer churn. Despite this challenge, channel partners are forecasting a year of significant growth, with the cloud earmarked as a driver of such change," said Justin Sutton-Parker, partner director, Northern Europe at Citrix.

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