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CIF welcomes EuroCloud members to the fold

With EuroCloud's UK chapter ceasing operations the members have been offered the chance to transition to the Cloud Industry Forum

The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) has swollen its membership numbers by picking up EuroCloud's UK community after the outfit ceased operations.

EuroCloud had been set up with the idea of encouraging national community groups to promote cloud computing and share best practice but the UK group stopped going yesterday.

The 50 plus members will now be invited to move over to join CIF, which is pledging to honour the terms of their memberships. They will have access to the e-learning scheme and other benefits that the Cloud Industry Forum has been developing over the past couple of years.

“EuroCloud UK has played an important role in the continued development of the cloud industry both here and on the continent so I’m delighted to be joining forces and welcoming its members to the CIF family. CIF will continue to honour the commitments made to EuroCloud UK’s members and I think we will be all the stronger for it," said Alex Hilton, CEO of CIF.

"EuroCloud UK’s 50 members have a significant amount of experience in the public sector, particularly with G-Cloud, and a strong footprint in Europe, which will be of direct benefit to CIF and our existing roster of members," he added.

In response, Phil Wainewright, chair of EuroCloud UK, said that there had always been close similarities between its organisation and CIF and that would make starting a fresh chapter much easier.

"Combining forces with all our members under the CIF banner and working towards a common goal is a welcome development that stands to benefit the wider industry. I’m very pleased with the contribution EuroCloud UK has made since I founded the organisation with the help and support of other leading figures in the industry, and I look forward to very positive results from our new cooperation with CIF," he said.

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