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Solicitors a sales target for security experts

The legal sector could do with a helping hand from the channel to deal with improving their cyber security issues

Over the weekend many eyes were on the progress of the teams battling in the fourth round of the FA Cup but those responsible for security were celebrating Data Privacy Day.

Marked on Saturday Data Privacy Day created a chance to pause and consider just what steps are needed to help users improve their security.

There might even be some customers coming back into work this morning with improving their data security on the top of their list.

One of the specific areas that might provide some opportunities for the channel could be the legal market, specifically solicitors.

With the Solitictors Regulation Authority stating that cybercrime is hitting more of the firms in its sector Zerto and Databarracks have sat down to discuss the issue.

The conclusions of that discussion, which also included customers and an analyst, signal a potential opportunity for partners.

“One of the biggest issues within the legal industry in particular, is the lack of information sharing between firms. Many organisations are reluctant to talk about cyberattacks because they think it’s a sign of weakness, but in fact it’s quite the opposite: one of the best defences against attack is open communication," said Peter Groucutt, managing director of Databarracks.

The idea of greater collaboration emerged as a theme from the discussion and was seen as an area that the channel could help solicitors with.

“From the main conversation threads around ensuring uninterrupted IT operations, managing cyber security risk and using cloud-based infrastructures, one thing became clear for the legal sector: Collaboration and innovation brings security and leadership,” said Peter Godden, VP EMEA, Zerto.

“This shines a light on the opportunity for the legal sector to ensure their industry is not only secure from IT vulnerabilities, but increases their flexibility to gain a competitive advantage as they improve client service capabilities where – for many – every second counts," he added.

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