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Service providers must ease security fears

Research from Claranet and some advice from Streamwire have added to the ongoing debate around the need for better cyber security in UK businesses

Those resellers that can help customers with security concerns are going to be much in demand for the forseeable future because so many users are struggling with protecting their data.

Research is piling up that underlines the size of the issue and the consequences for those that are failing to make their operations more secure.

Only today some food for thought has come from Streamwire and Claranet, who have both looked into the security issue.

Firstly, Streamwire has warned that a lot of SMEs need to work a lot harder to understand cyber security at both a board level as well as across the general workforce.

“In the past year, it seems a day hasn’t gone past where a high-profile cyber breach is documented in the media, and it seems that this will see no slowdown in the year ahead," said Kevin Timms, COO and co-founder of Streamwire.

"But at the same time this has often overlooked the difficulties that smaller organisations face, particularly on limited resources or having smaller IT support teams whose main activity is to keep basic systems functioning, rather than understanding the cyber security threat," he added.

Research from Claranet pointed the finger at security concerns as a major factor to blame for customers holding back innovation.

“Security concerns amongst UK organisations are justified as businesses come under increasing pressure to keep up with the constantly evolving threat landscape, especially as more data is analysed and stored online. However, these security concerns make organisations a lot more risk adverse, which ultimately stifles innovation," said Ian Furness, hosting services director at Claranet.

"Considering that today’s businesses are becoming much more software driven and the gate to competitiveness comes down to adapting applications that respond to increasing market pressures, security concerns, if left unaddressed, present a major stumbling block to the prosperity of businesses in the UK," he added.

“Businesses will need to stay alert to changes to legislation and the nature of prevailing threats as more and more data is stored and analysed. IT services provider (ITSPs) have a critical role to play here. A well-staffed ITSP with years of security expertise is likely to be in a better position to maintain the integrity of data, compared to an under-resourced in-house IT team," he concluded.

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