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Tech Data turns the spotlight on Chrome devices

Distributor feels the time is right to encourage more resellers to pitch Chrome devices as thin clients

Tech Data is banging the drum to spread the message about the potential for Chrome devices to act as thin clients in the corporate environment.

Chrome Books are usually seen as an entry level option because of the lower prices and the reliance the devices have on the cloud to provide the backbone for the apps and storage.

With more customers getting to grips with Office 365 and other cloud-based apps the time is right the distributor believes to go out to market with a positive message about the potential uses for Chrome devices.

“Chrome devices share many of the attributes of thin clients”, said Matt Beresford, Google business development manager at Tech Data. “Chromebooks are easy to maintain and affordable.  They are also extremely portable and much easier to manage. These are big advantages over traditional thin clients."

"Organisations can use Chrome devices in VMware or Citrix environments, and their easy mobility and appealing looks make them more attractive to users," he added.

Resellers that want to sell Chrome products need to be authorised but Beresford said that those with a background in VDI and virtualisation would fins that process quite straightforward.

Tech Data is preparing a programme of events to promote Chrome devices as thin clients with the aim of getting more authorised and in a position to pitch the technology.

“It is already possible for Chrome OS to run Android apps and access the Google Play Store and with the Office 365 access available as well, Chromebooks and other Chrome OS devices are a much more attractive proposition for everyday business use. It is easier to use a Chrome device offline and that’s really useful,” said Beresford.

The hardware options for resellers should also expand with some new products getting their debuts at CES in Las Vegas this week, including the Asus C302 and Acer's R11 and R13 Chromebooks.

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