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IoT is making the channel money

Dell EMC has found that a significant number of resellers have made solid double digit revenue growth out of the Internet of Things over the course of this year

The Internet of Things has been one of those technology areas that has been so hyped that for a while it seemed that the only people making money out of it wee those touring the lecture circuit sharing their prophesies of the future.

But those resellers not sure if IoT is delivering revenues should think again with many in the channel enjoying strong double digit growth in this tech segment this year.

Findings from a channel survey undertaken by Dell EMC found that 60% of those resellers that the firm talked to expected revenue climbs of up to 30% in 2016.

The demand was coming across the customer base but the key verticals were finance, manufacturing along with one of the strongest adopters in the retail sector.

“Resellers are increasingly reporting IoT as an opportunity for extensive business growth and expansion,” said Sarah Shields, vice president and general manager, Channel, Dell EMC UK. “Rapid adopters in the technology, retail, finance and manufacturing sectors have been able to deploy IoT technology in small-scale applications such as wearable and wireless monitoring devices to access the business benefits."

“The increased popularity of IoT across vertical markets demonstrates the current demand for innovative solutions and the changing face of the modern marketplace. IoT presents endless opportunities and it is extremely exciting to see strong adoption across the board both now and for 2017," she added.

Of course with ever silver cloud there has to be a black lining and when it comes to IoT the danger is that some customers are falling behind and might need an extra push from the channel to get involved with the technology.

The survey from Dell EMC found that the public sector seemed to be particularly sluggish when it came to IoT and things were even worse in the oil and gas and telecommunications sectors.

Some of the problems that might be holding back adoption in those areas are to do with compliance and the complexity of rolling out the latest innovations.

Those that sit on their hands though face losing out on a growing opportunity year, which is gathering even more momentum as a result of the digital transformation that most customers are going through.

Juniper Research has found that the number of connected IoT devices, sensors and actuators will hit more than 46bn by 2021, which is a 200% increase from where the market stands now.

One of the challenges that the firm identified, which ties into the complexity fears that Dell EMC discovered were an issue with customers, was that many firms were not in a position to support the sort of changes that IoT delivered.

“The platform landscape is flourishing”, said Steffen Sorrell, author of Juniper Research's report: The Internet of Things: Consumer, Industrial & Public Services 2016-2021. “However, analytics and database systems are, for the most part, not architected to handle the Big Data 2.0 era that the IoT brings”.

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