Plantronics witnessing surge in demand for flexibility

Headset specialist Plantronics has seen interest in mobile comms surge as customers look for greater flexibility

Digital disruption and the need for greater staff flexibility is sending ripples out across a whole range of areas in the channel. Not only has it been a spur to infrastructure spending, a chance for customers to think about data management and even seen a revival of interest in tablets but there are also positive knock ons for players like Plantronics.

The headset specialist has seen a surge of interest in technology that enables users to be more flexible when communicating in different locations and via various devices. Not only is the technology helping those working from home but with more hot desking it is becoming a tool for the office.

Paul Dunne, UK country manager at Plantronics, said that he had been having conversations with customers that were paying tens of thousands per desk in places like the City and were trying to use technology to reduce some of those costs.

"There is a drive for flexible mobile working in the UK. The cost of commercial property, particularly in the City is making a lot of CEO and CFOs, who are looking at a sea of desks, look for ways to reduce that cost," he said.

"It gives them access to a much broader workforce and provides ROI year after year," he added that resellers would not only find a receptive audience to the comms message but one that also understood the importance of quality.

"Voice has to be good all the time. You need to be able to understand every word that someone has said," Dunne said.

As well as witnessing a need by some customers to curb real estate costs and the price per desk the users are also pushing for change with many looking for greater flexibility to avoid energy sapping commutes to work.

Dunne said that being prepared to use technology to connect people rather than forcing them to sit in the same physical location meant that staff could be sourced from a much wider area: "I need to be able to find all the right people and the flexibility is enormous".

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