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Cloud services will grow strongly next year

Views from the channel about the year ahead continue to mount up with Intelisys Global adding it's views to the mix

With just a matter of weeks left in 2016 this is the point where people begin to think about what lies ahead in the new year.

No bookmaker would even consider taking a bet that 2017 will involve a lot of talk about 'digital disruption' but working out just what technologies and services to sell is more open to debate.

Luckily some of the great and the good in the industry are prepared to have a stab at doing some crystal ball gazing to provide some guidance over the months ahead.

The latest effort to describe what is coming in the immediate future comes from channel player Intelisys Global.

The distributor has come up with a selection of technologies it believes will be in demand. They include SD-WAN, UCaaS, Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service, Desktop-as-a-Service and Cloud Security solutions.

“2017 presents huge opportunities for those channel Sales Partners able to deliver more complex cloud solutions that can really make a difference for customers,” said Stephen Hackett, Intelisys Global’s lead in the UK.

The concern for a channel player like Intelisys is that a lack of skills might hold back some resellers looking to exploit the growth areas.

"The channel needs to prepare for this by keeping pace with cloud technologies and understanding their customers’ changing buying habits and preferences," he added.

Breaking down each area the SD-WAN opportunity is connected with the move towards software defined networking. Customers will need to invest in architecture that can be much more flexible.

The other areas are all playing into the hands of managed service players with DR, UC and desktop as a service all expected to grow next year. Although all can be delivered as a means to an end the hope is that resellers will use each of them as a springboard to encourage further sales.

The final growth area, application management, is developing as customers struggle to deal with multiple cloud deployments and keeping a grip on their data.

Other predictions that have come from the industry so far include plenty about security, which along with cloud and data management is going to be an ongoing area for investment next year.

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