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Channel remains undecided on cloud, says CompTIA

Research from CompTIA suggests that after gobbling up the cloud dream, the channel may be undergoing a period of buyers' remorse

Channel firms still haven’t made their mind up about where cloud computing fits into their businesses, news research from CompTIA suggests.

CompTIA’s Sixth Annual State of the Channel report found that nearly 40% of the companies surveyed believed that cloud computing was the number one reason to be optimistic about the channel’s future.

And the same time, a third of channel firms surveyed said that cloud was a top concern that made them anxious about the days ahead.

“The channel still isn’t 100% comfortable with cloud; in fact, they are less sure than they were two years ago,” said Carolyn April, senior director, industry analysis, CompTIA.

April says that after a period of rapid cloud adoption, the channel seems to be undergoing a ‘reality check’.

“As the channel has had more experience working with the cloud, they’ve seen the problem areas, tempered their expectations around cost and return on investment and are now in the ‘refinement’ phase,” she said. “It demonstrates that the channel’s shift to the cloud is not a linear, evenly-paced march, but more a case of two steps forward, one step back.”

The ramifications of cloud extend beyond that of CapEx and ROIs. Two years ago, 70% of channel firms surveyed said the cloud had strengthened their bonds with customers. This year, the figure fell to 60%. And nearly a quarter of firms believe the cloud weakened ties to customers, up from 17% two years ago.


Despite going through a period of instability, the majority of the organisations (63%) are still optimistic that the channel will fare well in the years ahead, Interestingly, large and medium-sized businesses were more optimistic than their small business counterparts.



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