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AMD gunning for the commercial market

AMD is looking to increase its presence in the commercial market, working with the channel to get its product in front of customers

AMD feels it has a good story to hit the mid market with through the channel as it pushes the value for money and upgrade message out to more customers.

The processor specialist has been encouraging the channel for more than a year to talk to customers about using savings they make on the AMD technology to invest in other areas and that seems to be hitting home.

The manufacturer has just launched the seventh generation of it AMD PRO processors whoch are targeted at the business market and John Hampton, AMD director commercial business development worldwide, said they would give the channel something fresh to take out to customers.

"With AMD Pro and the commercial space we have seen a 45% growth in unit shipments and we will stay agressive and continue with that growth," he said.

He said that because the technology matched the performance of the competition but came in at a lower price tag resellers were able to encourage users to purchase better systems for their budgets.

"We are taking some of the savings and reinvesting into the systems so users could choose to have SSDs, more memory or better displays," added Hampton "Resellers can bring something fresh into the conversation, it's not just a me-too PC sale, and they can talk about upgrading and opther options."

Although it has the product there is still a need for AMD to bang the drum about its enterprise credentials in the channel. The firm has a strong background in the consumer space, with its technology inside the leading next gen consoles and a lot of gaming PCs.

"We are a commercial player and we are being used by Fortune 500 companies for a reason," he said.

"We anticipate that we can continue to win in the channel and will invest in the channel and the commercial space," he added.

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