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SIPCOM moves into cloud video conferencing space

A year after it received an investment from SCC comms player SIPCOM has outlined plans to expand into the video conferencing market

This time last year SCC made an investment in SIPCOM as it looked to bulk out its expertise in the comms area and that decision continues to bear fruit.

The CSP specialised in SaaS services but had a particular emphasis on communications and slotted into the SCC ambitions to build up its portfolio on the voice and UC side.

Fast forward 12 months and the firm is now readying itse;lf to enter the video conferencing cloud market with the launch of Meetingspace early next year.

SIPCOM is starting trials of the system this month as it builds up to launch and expects the offering to be a main plank of its services ambitions for the year ahead.

“2017 is a very exciting year for us with our strategic focus on service development. Our first launch early in the New Year will be a new managed video conferencing solution, MeetingSpace.  This comes on the back of 2016, which has been a year of investment for the company, with a real focus on research and development and driving value for our client base," said SIPCOM CEO and founder Daniel Allen.

One of the targets the firm was working to this year was to add more resellers to its roster and Allen said it had been able to bring on board some fresh blood, with "more following in the next couple of months".

From the point of view of the Rigby Group the SIPCOM plans have been given the thumbs up because of the potential to tap into a growing market with the video service.

“The demand for cloud based collaboration technologies continues to accelerate and SIPCOM is capitalising on this with a particular focus on mid market," saud John Taylor, director of the Rigby Group.

"Following our investment in SIPCOM in 2015 we are delighted with the results thus far and its plans for 2017 have the company on track to nearly double its subscription base through cross-sell of new services as well as new client acquisition," he added.

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