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Tech Data turns the spotlight on the heath sector

Tech Data will be spending Q4 helping resellers sell more into the health care sector

Tech Data is turing the focus for the next few months onto the healthcare market to try and help resellers take adavtange of the spending cycles in the sector.

The NHS is undergoing a period of transition as it not only looks to use IT to improve the care it provides patients but also to try and improve efficiency.

Back in 2013 the Secretary of State Jeremy Hunt decreed that the NHS should start to make moves to go paperless and become digital.

As a result there are a few digital transformation projects happening across the health sector. Last month the Wachter retire of health IT was published with a call for some more clarity around the digital message.

“The campaign needs to emphasise that the goal is not to ‘go digital’, ‘go paperless’, or even ‘save money’. Instead, digitisation is an essential tool for meeting the needs of patients, their families, healthcare professionals, and the entire nation – in short, to improve the way care is delivered in the NHS,” stated the report.

That was followed up by a report from The Kings Fund around the digital agenda which found that the acute sector was the furthest from achieving the digital transformation goals.

Against the background of ongoing investment and governmental pressure Tech Data is using the fourth quarter as one to run some promotions aimed at the sector.

the distributor has issued a Focus on Healthcare Guide, which is backed by vendors and aimed at not only helping customers reach digital targets but improve the lives of the 20% of NHS users that are still using Windows XP.

“The aim of the Focus on Healthcare campaign is to highlight some of the areas of potential. We always see a pick-up in activity in the healthcare sector at this time of year, so now is the right time for resellers to follow-up these opportunities and take some positive messages out to market,” said Kirsty Guy, public sector marketing manager at Tech Data.​

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