Channel partners rally behind the Fix Britain's Internet campaign

TalkTalk Business wrangles support from its channel partners as Ofcom's consultation period on Openreach proposal comes to an end

TalkTalk Business is calling on its channel partners to support the Fix Britain’s Internet campaign.

The campaign, created by Vodafone, Sky and TalkTalk, provides a platform for consumers and businesses to make their voices heard during Ofcom’s ten week public consultation period.

TalkTalk Business says that its channel partners, which are responsible for the connectivity needs of over 250,000 businesses in the UK, have joined the fight. Firms include XLN Telecom, PER, Telcoinabox and Fluidata.

In February, Ofcom published its Strategic Review of Digital Communications admiting that major reform was needed. Several months later, the watchdog set out proposals that would not force BT to spin off Openreach, but instead suggested that Openreach should be run as a legally separate company within BT Group, with its own board, and an independent chairman. The trio of competing service providers say that this is not enough and have urged disgruntled businesses and members of the public to ‘make their voices heard’.

“[Our partners’] firsthand experience of Openreach’s poor service provisioning has fueled their desire to support the campaign and encourage more businesses to get in touch with Ofcom before the consultation closes on 4th October 2016,” TalkTalk Business said in a statement.

Alex Tempest, director of partners for TalkTalk Business, commented: “It is great to see that some of the UK’s biggest channel partners are voicing their support of the campaign to Fix Britain’s Internet. As a leading telecoms provider, we are heavily invested in seeing British businesses grow and thrive in the global economy, and fast connectivity is a key enabler for this. 

Zac Crofts, general manager at Telcoinabox, commented: “As an international business, we can see that Britain still has a way to go towards being the digital leader that it could be. This is why we are supporting the Fix Britain’s Internet campaign – we believe the only way to place the country on the fast lane is by splitting BT and Openreach. 

Simon Matthews, customer success manager at Fluidata, added: “We are proud to support the Fix Britain’s Internet campaign, as British businesses are being impacted by Openreach’s delays every single day. From unprepared engineers, to poor handovers and planning, these all affect our ability to provide the Ethernet service that will allow them to compete on a global scale.”



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