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Build a simple MSP software system and the resellers will come

Established software firms servicing the SME market have some competition in the form of Atera which is looking to build up its UK market share

There is a potential wave of smaller resellers looking to become managed services providers that are being held back by the struggles they have with the technology needed to deliver decent customer service.

Most MSPs are running a trio of applications, including remote monitoring and management (RMM), a professional services automation (PSA) tool and some form of remote connection application.

As a result some firms have tried to avoid using those applications trying to survive with accounting and management packages that are not custom made for the task.

Gil Pekelman, CEO of Atera, is looking to grow the presence of the MSP software player in the UK and is setting the sights firmly on the opportunity to convert more existing channel operators into SMEs.

"Some companies are running with three products that are legacy and clunky," he added "The smaller firms couldn't afford to deal with this software and had a general accounting systems and Notes."

Although it might be a case of 'he would say that wouldn't he' because Atera is a RMM and PSA tool rolled into one with a fairly attractive set monthly usage price, Pekelman is convinced that there are resellers that would start using managed services tools if they were easier to deal with.

"The UK is a huge focus for us now. We have quite a lot of customers in the UK already," he added that more would come forward as they realised there was an alternative to other products on offer.

In terms of the current market challenges the MSP world has gone from managing a fairly static desktop environment to dealing with mobile and the evolution continues.

Pekelman said that the current area of concern for an MSP was looking beyond the traditional infrastructure to make sure they could manage the growing number of IoT devices that were coming into the corporate environment.

"A successful MSP has to react very quickly," he added "We had an advantage when we started the company because IoT was a known architecture."

The Atera offering

Atera's IT automation software pricing is based on the number of MSP technicians using the company's SaaS offering. At Atera's Professional pricing tier, the company charges $89 per technician per month, around £60.

The firm boasts of having no sales reps but just staff on hand to support those MSPs that install its software.

Atera gained some headlines earlier this month when it revealed that according to its own benchmark findings UK MSPs were ahead of their competition in Europe in terms of effort and efficiency.

The firm found that and found that UK MSPs were generating almost double the volume of tickets compared to their European counterparts.

Managed service players on this side of the channel are also quicker to respond to customers with most pleading they will deal with a problem in half an hour, which is less than the hour often quoted in Europe.

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