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Printer hardware sales continue to come under pressure

Printer hardware sales in EMEA did not have a great Q1 and according to Context that trend has continued into Q2

The printer market has been a difficult place in the first half of this year as spending moves away from some of the traditional hardware areas.

The rising popularity of mobile printing devices and the stagnation in mature markets has meant that vendors have had to look to the East for positive double digit growth.

An analysis of Q2 from Context indicated that overall shipments of printer hardware in EMEA fell bu 3% year-on-year in Q2, which was an improvement ion the 8% drop in Q1.

Sales in the UK fell by 18% in Q2 and nearly all of Western Europe registered negative numbers with Germany also down by 12%.

Apart from the Netherlands, which saw growth as a result of demand for multi function devices, the other main area for growth was in central and eastern Europe, which delivered a 22% increase compared to the previous year.

“In Western Europe, quarterly shipments declined by -6%, again an improvement on the previous quarter”, said Zivile Brazdziunaite, imaging market analyst at Context.

When it came to explaining why things continue to be so tough Brazdziunaite pointed to the current in-demand product mix.

Printer hardware market continues to contract (due to introduction and popularity of mobile technology devices, which affects especially consumer market), though some regions (such as CEE) and particular market segments registers growth (shift from single-function to multi-function ones, colour becomes more affordable, etc.) and creates opportunities," she said.

Earlier this summer, Context noted that resellers were urging print vendors to make labels clearer to halt the illegal toner trade as they looked to protect their consumables business.

The analyst house's Channel Watch report found that 5% of resellers felt that vendors couold do more to stop the growing problem of illegal consumables undercutting their authorised offerings.

With hardware sales continuing to come under pressure to calls for assistance in combating illegal consumables has a bit more urgency.

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