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UK beating Europe in the MSP efficiency stakes

Managed service providers on this side of the English Channel just might have the edge on their European counterparts

Since the Brexit vote there has been plenty of 'us and them' talk about the UK and Europe as the country starts to take in just what leaving the EU will mean.

At the start there was lots of doom and gloom but in the last few weeks a more bullish tone has emerged with the prospect of the UK standing alone not so much of a frightening one.

Both the manufacturing and services sectors have reported good results, unemployment has dropped and results from channel firms, Exclusive Group is a good recent example, has shown that life can go on fairly decently.

Now there is evidence that managed service providers in the UK are also ahead of their competition in Europe in terms of effort and efficiency.

Cloud-based IT platform player Atera has pulled together some analysis of its Benchmark Business Intelligence platform and found that UK MSPs are generating almost double the volume of tickets compared to their European counterparts.

Managed service players on this side of the channel are also quicker to respond to customers with most pleading they will deal with a problem in half an hour, which is less than the hour often quoted in Europe.

“We created the Benchmark to assist partners in correlating the data to better evaluate their performance compared with the competition,” said Gil Pekelman, CEO at Atera.

“The data reveals some interesting results, particularly in relation to how the UK responds to customer tickets, highlighting that they are notably more efficient in a crisis” he added.

Atera found that UK MSPs charged an average of £70 per hour, which was higher than the £58 charged across Europe.

The advice from Pekelman was for MSPs to use automation tools where possible to increase efficiencies and to reduce the human interaction wherever possible to make sure things ran smoothly and the attention could be given to customer priorities.

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