Turbonomic highlights the dangers of buying cloud on price

The channel has a major role to play to guide customers through the cloud buying process with many users making the mistake of buying on price

Most users are operating in a multi-cloud environment and suffering management headaches as a result but many have brought some of those problems on themselves by buying largely on price.

When it comes to the main considerations for those looking at a mutli-cloud option price is at the top of the list, followed by a need to increase resilience and then a desire to trim operational expenses.

As a result Turbonomic, which commissioned the survey, has warned that there are few guarantees that any purchased multi-cloud will actually for the business needs or reduce costs in the long run.

The headaches that many customers face are caused by a system out of kilter with the business with many finding that they cannot ensure performance and hit their budget targets.

One of the problems, which plays to the strength of the channel, is that the vast majority of users (81%) do not know hot to choose the right vendor.

“The research clearly shows that organisations are struggling with multi cloud in a number of ways. However, this presents multiple opportunities for the channel to add value," said Sean Finnegan, vice president channel sales at Turbonomic.

"Organisations are struggling to align cloud purchasing with business drivers. The channel has the opportunity to educate customers here and talk to them about why the lowest priced cloud won’t necessarily meet their business requirements, regardless of whether they are improved application performance, resilience or longer term cost saving," he added.

Finnegan said that the channel needed to have a conversation with customers about multi-cloud environments and input into how the big decisions are made.
“Part of the process will be to gain insight into customers environments in quickly and help them put in place systems that take the pain away from cloud management," he said.

"Ultimately, many resellers are facing a future of reduced margins as cloud service become increasingly commoditised; however by helping customers make the right cloud decisions and by reducing their management burden, they’ll be able to move away from the race to the bottom of decreasing margins and build high margin, high value customer relationships," he added.

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