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Resellers give distributors a big thumbs up

Research house Context has found that resellers are happy with the level of service that they receive from distributors

Channel partners across Europe have given their distributors the thumbs up, broadly backed the move by Dell to buy EMC but have expressed some concerns over the splitting of HP.

The view of European partners has been gathered by Context, which has pulled together its ChannelWatch report, and revealed that the main finding are positive feelings towards distribution.

“Resellers are clear on their opinions, especially when it comes to how they rate their distributors where overall the verdict has been good,” said Jeremy Davies, Context CEO and co-founder.

The reaction towards distribution in the UK was particularly positive, with 40% plus being described as ‘excellent’ by partners. That was higher than elsewhere in Europe, which in the case of France and Portugal had the lowest levels hitting the top mark.

What seems to really make the difference, and is the most valued attribute by partners, is speed of deliver, followed by customer service. Areas of improvement included training and technical support.

Other topics that were being mulled over by the channel included the Dell and EMC merger, which has been in the background for a long time with most viewing the tie-up as a good move.

The Context survey found that as well as provoking a [positive response there were also more partners thinking of adding Dell to their lists in the next six months.

The same could not be said of HP products with two thirds of respondents claiming that the firms split might make them less inclined to take  on products in the future.

Where there was a united front in the channel was around the desire to see more done to stop the sale of illegal print consumables. Many partners felt that vendors in that market could be doing more to eradicate the problem.

They called for better packaging to make it easier to spot a fake product to stop illegal versions getting through to the channel and beyond to their customers.​

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