Toshiba sets sights on business PC market

Toshiba has outlined its ambitions for its financial year and they include going after the business PC market arm in arm with its channel partners

If last year was all about the mid market and getting the thumbs up from corporate customers then the next fiscal year is going to be a lot more about breathing some life into the business PC market for Toshiba.

The firm likes to set out its yearly ambitions and has indicated that it believes there is plenty of opportunity in the business PC market and it will work with the channel to make sure its plans come to fruition.

Some of the efforts the vendor is undertaking with partners include pan-European marketing schemes like its Make IT work campaign, which showed users just what it could deliver in an evolving corporate environment, along with extending support and getting the direct touch team to stir up customer orders.

The timing of the desire to grow its share of the European business PC market comes at a time when the Windows 10 upgrade effect is starting to be felt in the corporate space as users look to move to the latest technology.

Toshiba is also confident that its brand will resonate with users and it can gain business from those looking for a vendor that is messaging around solving business needs, not just pushing the latest tech.

“For us, last year was about refocusing and ensuring we put ourselves in the best possible position to thrive in a competitive sector. We focused on laying the foundations for a structure that gives us the freedom to forge deeper and even more effective relationships with our partners and end-users. This was crucial in informing the direction we take our range of dedicated business devices and future solutions, as we take the unique step of assuming complete control of the design and manufacturing process,” said Maki Yamashita, vice president, B2B PC, Toshiba Europe.

The firm is also planning to target key vertical markets along with the general enterprise and mid sector and will be putting some marketing efforts behind a push into government, higher education and the wider public sector in the UK.

“We believe the investments we are making across EMEA are creating strong conditions for growing our PC business in our core regions and sectors” added Yamashita. “We’re confident in the strength of our renewed strategy and are aiming for double digit growth across these verticals.”

The firm is not the only one that still believes there is life in the business PC space and Lenovo recently outlined its continued commitment to pushing hard in the mid-market as it looks to take advantage of investments being made in that area.

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