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Channel opening its doors to inspire next generation

Vendors and resellers will be opening their doors to inspire the next generation in the next few days as part of Tech Week

Firms in the channel have been strong supporters of the apprenticeship programme and many have done their bit to reach out to the next generation to try and attract them to a career in the technology field.

There should be more evidence of just what the channel is prepared to do in the next few days as 4-8 July marks Tech Week.

The idea of the week, which could not be more timely given the importance of the tech sector to the future of an independent Britain, is for businesses to give young people a glimpse of an exciting future.

"The employer events in Tech Week reflect companies’ real engagement in digital skills issues," said Karen Price OBE, CEO of the Tech Partnership, which is behind the idea of next week's activities.

"Increasing the UK’s digital skills base, and equipping young people with the skills to forge rewarding careers, benefits individuals, organisations and the economy as a whole. It is a wonderful example of what employers can achieve through concerted action," she added.

The Tech Partnership are behind the idea and plenty of IT firms have signed up to take part with the likes of Hewlett Packard Enterprise opening seven of its UK offices and AWS and BT also involved.

There are also resellers opening their doors to encourage those thinking about what their future might hold to consider the technology world.

Reading-based Ultima Business Solutions is opening its doors to try and show people what woriking in IT is like and to help get rid of some of the myths that plague the industry.

"As a business, we have seen how beneficial it has been to hire younger applicants. We are transforming our business to be led with Cloud, and this technology is more familiar to an 18-year old than a 40-year-old. For us it's vital that we keep engaging with a young audience and keep spreading the word about IT careers and the possibilities they offer to school leavers," said Ultima's apprenticeship manager Vicky Constantine.

The firm has moved to an apprenticeship scheme, which will see a wave of 17 recruits join the firm in apprenticeship sale roles.

"Our apprentices are helping to address the shortage of skills in our industry. They are easier to train but more than that, they may even train us," added Constantine "By bringing young staff into our business, we can breed and train people to meet the very high standards Ultima sets, and watch them flourish as they grow with us."

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