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Syscap deepens channel support

Channel finance specialist Syscap has rolled out enhancements to its partner portal as it looks to increase support for resellers

Channel finance specialist Syscap has been a consistent supporter of the channel as resellers make the move to a managed services model providing funds to help ease to move to a different business model.

The firm launched its support programme for MSPs more than three years ago with the aim of plugging the gap for those used to getting lump sums on the signing of a contract to a monthly payment model that spread the amount over several years.

The business became 100% focused on the channel back in April after parent Wesleyan Bank started to look after the customers in education, general SME and professions, including the established legal sector business.

Having made that move Syscap has now rolled out a number of enhancements to its partner portal to make it easier for vendors and resellers to close deals.

“Syscap has a long history in helping its channel partners grow their business. This extends to allowing them to expand through investment in assets and new technologies, to funding short term troughs in cash flow which are common as they move to models such as SaaS," said Philip White, managing director of Syscap.

"Our improved Partner Portal makes it effortless for our partners to introduce finance as an integral part of their sales process," he added.

The firm also offers training along with a rewards and incentive scheme as part of its Partner Programme and is aiming to use the refreshed portal as a way of attracting more reseller signups.

"The significant enhancements we have introduced to our Partner Programme are the culmination of intense dialogue with our staff and partner communities," added White.

The issue of finance has been a constant source of debate in the channel, particularly since the downturn started in 2008, and is likely to become a focus again in the wake of the EU referendum as the channel tries to keep the wheels turning to avoid a stalling in customer spending.  

Some of the advice from industry observers has been to ensure that the relationship between reseller and customer is as strong as it can be.

“Rather than worrying about the negative impact of Brexit - which no one can really predict, other than what will hopefully be short-term loss of confidence which may result in some deals not being signed - let’s all use it as an excuse to focus even harder on our relationships," said Christ Field, independent retail analyst and managing director of Fieldworks.

"Users will look at the market and ask, who can I trust and who has the solution that I can implement right now to get an early result. No tech company can go it alone anymore, so, time to dust off your partnership agreements and decide who you think you can really work with for the benefit of the end user," he added.

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