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The CIO no longer holds the power over storage decisions

The CIO is no longer the main source of decision making when it comes to using cloud storage services

Finding the person who makes the decision about putting storage into the cloud is not just a case of booking a conversation with a customer’s CIO want others being involved in the process.

Research from Vanson Bourne, that was commissioned by Zadara Storage, found that migrating to a cloud model for storage is not handled by those who have traditionally been the guardians of IT, with only a third of firms revealing that the power comes from the CIO.

The idea that storage administrators are losing the power over budgets is something that all vendors are wrestling with and one of the problems that Veritas identified with its research into information governance. The firm found that the numerous people involved in putting data into the cloud was making the prospect of being complaint an increasing challenge for customers.

One vendor recently described the current challenge as "selling storage to people who don't know they are buying storage," as they now have to deal with those heading up lines of business who are looking to run projects rather than thinking of specific cloud-based storage plans.

The Zadara Storage findings add to a picture of numerous people getting involved with decisions, making life difficult for the channel and posing a threat tr established relationships.

Dani Naor, VP International Sales at Zadara, said that the research had backed up its own ex[periences with customers, where it had seen the power of the UK CIO wane when it comes to making decisions over putting storage into the cloud.

Other players in the decision making process include the CFO and the finance team as well as those who have been delegated with responsibility for cloud and storage.

Different verticals have slightly varied responses to making decisions over putting data into the cloud with the manufacturing sector more likely to have the CIO in the driving seat but in financial services and retail other teams and players are  more likely to get the final say over the storage strategy.

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