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UK firms struggling to deal with cyber attacks

CompTIA has added weight to those warning that UK firms are being hit by cyber attacks on a regular basis

It's the start of a fresh week and that means a chance for another survey to come through highlighting just how many UK firms are being hit by cyber attack and struggling to fend off problems.

Last Monday a report from the government revealed that two thirds of large businesses had been hit by a cyber breach in the last year, with many revealing they were being hit on a monthly basis.

Most of the firms also admitted that they did not have sufficient policies in make sure that staff did not fall victim to viruses, spyware and malware and the response from the government was to encourage them to be more proactive.

Seven days later and the prospect of the channel being given a role in helping customers has been underlined even more firmly with the release of CompTIA data around security breaches.

The channel organisation has come up with results that echo the government's with two thirds of businesses have been victims of cyber attacks in the last year, with 11% experiencing a frequency of almost one a month.

The other shared finding with last week's research was the revelation that only 27% of organisations rated security training as an effective way of preventing attacks.

“It is alarming to see that so many UK organisations are facing security attacks. Companies are becoming ever more reliant on computer systems and data, and hackers are aware of this, which is one of the reasons that attacks are increasing. There is valuable data here that attackers can exploit and businesses need to ensure that this information is secure," said Graham Hunter, vice president, skills certification, Europe and Middle East at CompTIA.
The advice from CompTIA is to consider security as an issue across the business and improve defences and policies right through an organisatrion to make sure the threats have a reduced chance of getting through.
“Although external threats to an organisation’s information must be tackled, it is important not to forget that data is still under risk from inside a company as well. The report highlights this, with 60% of UK responses indicating that human error is a major contributor to security, with general carelessness and IT staff failure to follow policies being the main cause of this," added Hunter.

CompTIA is launching its CyberSecure training fairly soon, which aims to help staff at all levels in an orgisations get a grip on the issues and increase awareness for the need for greater vigilance.

“Data threats will continue to plague companies and attackers are always going to be looking for ways to gain access to information and use this against businesses.” Hunter added. “While this may be unavoidable, steps can be taken to prevent data being accessed or leaked. Businesses must ensure that they have all of the tools and knowledge at their disposal to prevent breaches both externally and internally. CompTIA has developed a number of tools and resources to help businesses achieve security best practice, and improve their security offering to clients.”

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