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CyberInt and Elixirr sign deal

Security player CyberInt starts to build UK presence with Elixirr partnership

Security specialist CyberInt has started to form UK channel partnerships as it looks to expand into the market and grow its footprint outside of its native Israel.

The firm, which can help users identify where future cyber attacks will come from, has already been altering UK firms to potential dangers.

The next step is to start working with consultants and to build up more links with the channel to increase the profile of the business and CyberInt has started by signing a partnership agreement with Elixirr.

“This is the first partnership of this kind for us (I know Elixirr has a few other partnerships with tech vendors). This partnership is unique as it ties core  business consulting with what has now become a board room concern - cyber security,” said Elad Ben-Meir, CyberInt's vp of marketing.

The firms will work together to help customers understand how cyber security can be achieved while supporting the other business goals that the user’s management might want to achieve.

"Cyber security is an issue right at the top of Boardroom agendas. We know that our clients are more and more concerned about fast and aggressive attacks from threats they didn’t know were there,” said Stephen Newton, managing partner and founder of Elixirr.

Ben-Meir added that the plan was to formulate more partnerships of this type to grow its footprint and gain a greater share of the UK market. The firm has a base in the City and also operates out of Israel and an office in Panama.

The timing of the partnership could not be moocher relevant with the recent move by the EU to approve data protection regulations.

“Businesses need to review their data protection policies and technology to check they are compliant, and should not be shy of reaching out to their local regulatory body or to a trusted consultant for advice to ensure they get it right. Be proactive and protect the data you hold, encrypt it and always keep up to date with your security solutions. Data breaches occur every day – and the EU have just increased the consequences of inadequate security,” advised Anthony Merry, head of data protection at Sophos.​

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