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EMC exposes frustrations of IT pros

Both customers and the channel have to make sure that technically skilled staff are not left frustrated

The channel knows only too well that the power to buy technology has spread beyond the traditional IT department and that some of the people who work in that part of the organisation are being seen by some lines of business as a block to progress.

The consequences are not just challenging for the channel, which has to cultivate contacts across marketing, HR and other functions, but are also having a negative fall-out for IT pros.

With the skills debate dominating a great deal of the discussion the fear that some talented staff might walk away is one that has been exposed as a real fear by EMC.

The storage giant has found in its Great Skills Exodus report that large numbers of IT pros are looking to move jobs and feel that the chances of career progression are reduced.

There are also many feeling frustrated about the lack of understanding about the potential of IT to achieve corporate goals and restrictions on implementing new technology.

A third are also left feeling that they have not been given a chance to demonstrate their ability, which is something for a managed service provider to bear in mind when they are helping a IT department outsource some activities.

"Technology is at the heart of business transformation and the IT team is ideally placed to help any organisation navigate new opportunities and threats in the market. With employment of IT professionals forecast to grow at 1.62 percent per year by 2020, businesses must ensure that they offer the most compelling career opportunities in order to retain the best staff, or risk losing as many as three quarters of their IT team in the coming months – something which would have a hugely detrimental impact on any organisation," said Ross Fraser, UK and Ireland country manager at EMC.

"With a vast number of organisations searching for skilled IT staff, the vacancies for them to move to are plentiful, so I would urge businesses to review their options and the opportunities they can offer their teams, now," he added.

There is also a need for firms operating in the channel to also review the way they respond to the needs of their technical staff to make sure they are feeling content with the world.

“As a company that has seen exponential growth in a relatively short amount of time, our team is continually focused on creating rewarding careers and opportunities for top IT talent.  As well as strong academic and technical expertise and experience, we’ve seen employees thrive in agile and fast paced environments that foster innovation," said Simon Hansford, CEO of Skyscape Cloud Services.

"EMC’s report proves it’s a fundamental necessity within business to invest in our people, providing them with adequate training programmes and fostering growth in STEM careers," he added.

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