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Digital transformation driving UC and security opportunities

Microsoft's CEO might have spent the afternoon talking about digital transformation but he is not alone as the channel looks to make revenue out of the buzz phrase

The phrase ‘digital transformation’ echoes across channel conversations on an almost daily basis but at the same time as trying to work out what it means for customers some vendors are also developing their channel propositions.

Different vendors have their own definition of what digital transformation means but it is being driven by the cloud and the move towards using IT to get realtime insights across the business. One thing they do have in common is that all of them are talking about it.

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella took to the stage this afternoon at the firm’s Envision event for business leaders and will discuss the topic.

His pitch was all around using IT to make processes digital and to improve the shape of an organisation and enhance the prospects for growth.

It is clear that technology is playing an increasing role in everything that we do,” he said “technology can truly shape growth and how we can use technology to change and stint the landscape of the industries we participate in.

he also spoke about being agile and adapting to change and how technology can support those looking for “the next level of efficiency”.

Nadella said that customers had to start thinking about becoming digital companies and look beyond deploying single solutions and look at rolling out intelligent systems that would help engage with customers, staff and optimise the organisation.

“We want you to be able to ask and answer two key questions: how is your business being changed by digital technology and how is your core business model being changed by digital technology?” he said.

But he is not alone in talking about the subject and many others are also happy to use customer and partner keynotes to talk about “digital businesses”.

What it all means at a channel level is that there are several clear opportunities, that exploit the cloud, that can lead to revenue opportunities.

“It should come as no surprise that Digital Transformation is creeping up the business agenda as organisations seek to stay ahead of the competition, steer and make better use of technology, attract talent and drive innovation. It is the Cloud that is driving this revolution in business thinking,” said Russell Lux, CEO of TelcoSwitch.

Lux views the current market landscape as one ripe for the picking for telco specialists that can pitch unified comms solutions.

“Unbound from a technology perspective from fixed telecoms infrastructure businesses are turning to the Cloud to enable them to take more risks and drive change within their organisations and respond far quicker to broader market conditions,” he added.

Lux is on the look out for channel partners as the firm increases its chances of growth as partners can take advantage of the business transformation trend.

Others that might also be looking to make hay while the digital transformation sun shines are those operating in the security world.

It is already established that there are skill shortages in this area and Nadella said that when board rooms started to embrace the idea of using technology to drive the business their concerns about security were paramount.

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