Entatech launches refurbished IT range under new brand

Entatech targets frugal IT departments with refurbished machines under PC Retour brand

Entatech UK has announced that it is to launch a range of refurbished desktops, laptops and tablets under a new brand - PC Retour.

The distributor has partnered with Microsoft to provide its resellers with ‘premium, refurbished PC hardware and devices’. The distie said that all PC Retour devices will be put through a rigorous testing and grading processes and will be loaded with a certified Microsoft operating system. All refurbished hardware is to come with a full 12 month end user warranty, directly supported by the refurbisher.

“Entatech’s continued relationship with Microsoft, which spans more than 15 years, has enabled the distributor to continue to provide its reseller database with best possible service and pricing for Microsoft products,” the distie said in a statement. “This exciting new venture will only further cement this business relationship and broaden Entatech’s breadth in offering Microsoft as a genuine operating system.”

Entatech aims to capitalise on the growing demand for refurbished hardware in the SMB market, with users looking for premium equipment at discounted prices. Sold through Entatech’s network of resellers, the distributor believes that the new brand will be a win-win for everyone involved. Customers will maximise their IT budgets, while resellers will see improved oppurunites and margins.

“Entatech has an exceptionally strong presence in the Microsoft Refurbisher space through our Windows footprint,” said Dave Stevinson, managing director. “There exists a sizable and addressable end-user market for high quality refurbished devices.”

 “We are pleased to announce that shortly we will be launching the ‘PC Retour – Certified Refurbished’ brand through our network of partners. Critical to the success of the brand is a clear warranty, like-new appearance, robust quality control, new packing and accessories coupled with genuine copies of Windows.”

The new brand has already soft launched. More information can be found at Entaonline.com

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