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Dell reveals post EMC acquisition management team

Once the deal to acquire EMC is completed Dell will be targeting customers based on enterprise, commercial and consumer & small business categories

With the Dell and EMC merger inching ever closer the list of those that will form the management team after the deal closes has been revealed.

EMC provided details of the executive structure that will kick in later this year when the merger completes in an SEC filing with a go-to-market stucture that is based around customer definitions - enterprise, commercial and consumer & small business.

Those three operations will be led by Bill Scannell, handling enterprise, Marius Hass the commercial customers and then Jeff Clarke consumers and small business.

The management team

Jeremy Burton, chief marketing officer
Jeff Clarke, Vice Chairman and President, Operations and Client Solutions, responsible for Global Supply Chain and End User Computing organizations. 
Howard Elias and Rory Read, co-Chief Integration Officers, for the Dell|EMC integration. 
David Goulden, President, Enterprise Systems Group, responsible for the global infrastructure organization including servers, storage, networking, converged infrastructure and solutions.
Bill Scannell, President, Enterprise Sales, will report to David and lead the global go-to-market organization serving our Enterprise customers. 
Marius Haas, President & Chief Commercial Officer, responsible for global go-to-market organization serving Commercial customers. 
Steve Price, Chief Human Resources Officer. 
Karen Quintos, Chief Customer Officer
Rich Rothberg, General Counsel. 
John Swainson, President, Dell Software 
Tom Sweet, CFO 
Suresh Vaswani, President, Dell Services 

"They will be working together over the next few months to determine which accounts and people align to each go-to-market organization. This segmentation approach preserves the best of the EMC and Dell sales motions and will drive clear accountability for results, enable more decision-making closer to customers, and allow faster feedback between customers, sales and product teams," stated EMC CEO Joe Tucci in the SEC filing.

The completion of the merger also looks like the moment when Tucci himself will take retirement with Michael Dell taking the helm at the unified tech firm.

"The merger is on schedule under the original timetable and terms. We recently received antitrust clearance from regulatory agencies in the United States, European Union and several other countries around the world. We are also working to finalize the proxy statement and set the date for a Special Meeting of EMC shareholders later in the spring," stated the filing.

There are more appointments to come, which presumably will include more details of the channel executive teams given the importance of the indirect model to Dell.

"There are still critical decisions to be made about a number of important pieces of the combined company, and some of that work is still ongoing. This announcement is not inclusive of all functions, so you can anticipate further updates as soon as practical as decisions are made," stated Tucci.

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